Thomas S.

My wife and I were looking to relocate from the SF Bay Area to Austin. In addition to engaging in a long distance home search, we were doing so during a pandemic which added another layer of difficulty and complexity to the whole affair. I spoke with several realtors, most of whom seemed great, prior to speaking to Mark. To be honest, being that Mark is the broker of a moderately sized team I expected when I spoke to him that he would set me up with another realtor at Strüb. I was pleasantly surprised when after speaking to Mark he said it seemed like a good fit for him to take on himself. I liked all of the realtors I spoke to prior to Mark. With Mark, however, in addition to being easy to talk to and seeming to have a good understanding of what it is we were looking for I got the sense that this was the guy I would want on my side should it come down to a multiple offer situation. I got the feeling that Mark is a no bullshit straight shooter that I could count on to really execute. We decided to move forward with Mark and immediately I started receiving informative emails from Strub. My wife and I had already done a scouting trip and knew what kind of neighborhoods we were looking for with pretty clear parameters. Mark started sending me some listings that I provided feedback on and I started sending him some things I liked that we found on Redfin etc. He gave me a few recommendations for lenders, all three of which I spoke to and seemed top notch. Once we were pre-approved we started asking Mark to do some video tours. At this point after a couple weeks of sending listings back and forth Mark was pretty in sync with us in regards to what we were after. Mark sent us 3 video tours I believe before I asked him to look at a 4th one and both Mark, myself and my wife were in agreement right away that we wanted to make an offer. In this market we came in at full ask. The seller tried to play some games and hold off accepting the offer so that they could shop the offer during an open house that weekend. Mark suggested we pull the offer and this to me was a point at which I knew we had made the right decision who to work with. We pulled the offer and the next day the seller came back and we signed the paperwork. We were able to avoid a multiple offer situation which in the current market I think is a big deal. This whole process from the time I spoke with Mark took less than 4 weeks. After signing the offer there was a 7 day option period. I flew out to see the house in person and confirmed I was happy with the choice. Mark recommended a wonderful gentleman for the inspection who provided a very detailed report and Mark made sure all of the action items were handled before closing. We expected this whole experience to be a much longer, drawn out and frustrating process. Sure, we might have gotten a little lucky as I don’t think this is necessarily a typical experience in terms of the speed of the overall process, but I am certain that we chose the best realtor and team for the job. I can’t recommend Mark enough and will certainly be working with him when I find myself looking for my next home.