Adrian V.

This is my fourth transaction with STRÜB. Each time was fantastic, these guys are fire. My needs are not typical, I’m a cash buyer who knows what I’m doing. The size of my deals were between $600k and $1m. If you’re like me and just need an agent to make things happen and happen fast — ask for Patrick. He knows how to approach investment-minded people like me; his work is top-notch. Between these four deals, he must’ve dealt with hundreds of sheets of documents, all of which were perfectly free of errors. Arrogance is unfortunately one of my vices, I regret causing a few hiccups; but he thankfully has the social skills to bridge gaps and make things happen. Just like I said in my last review, his expertise is so good that he always seems to be two steps ahead of me, my questions are answered before I ever ask them, any problems that could happen are already anticipated and accounted for, and above all this — he manages to do it effortlessly. I’ve never seen or detected a single hint of dread in him, regardless of how demanding the circumstances are. So. Yeah, if you’re looking for someone aggressive who gets results, ask specifically for Patrick. I refuse to deal in Texas with anyone else.