We were relocating from California to Austin on a short time frame, and as first-time homebuyers. Mark and his team were true professionals and guided us through the process with ease. It started with a ‘get to know’ Austin tour, where we narrowed down neighborhoods, and then a blitz of targeted showings in our favorite neighborhood. Through the ups and downs, and there were many, Mark was a true partner and advocate in several ways -Setting up efficient days touring homes -Helping us evaluate if homes would be a good fit for us -Helping us formulate competitive, but not overly generous offers -Partnering us with a lender, inspector, and everything else needed to get the deal done When Mark truly shone, was when things didn’t go according to our ideal plan timeline. After we made our one-and-only visit to look at homes, a failed offer on our favorite house, and with a ticking time clock (including a baby due right after our move) Mark truly delivered. He found a pre-MLS listing, toured us through it virtually, helped us negotiate in a competitive situation, assured us we had found the right house for our family, and comforted a jittery seller who was afraid to trust an offer from people they had not met. It all came together, and we closed just in time to settle in before our new addition – in a house that is better for our family than any other we viewed!

- Jessica C.

“Mark is extremely knowledgeable and always professional. We moved out of Central Austin and hired Mark to help us sell our home and purchase a home in another area of Austin. Although he is an expert in Central Austin, he is open to researching all surrounding areas. We felt confident Mark provided us with the information we needed to make an educated decision for our family. Great guy and great results!”

-Cynthia S.

“Mark Strub listed my condominium and was diligent, professional, and very thorough in his communication with me through the entire process. Mark also worked very close with me to see that it was priced appropriately in order to attract the strongest buyer.”


“Mark was the seller’s agent when we bought our first home. He was so helpful to us after the contract was written and after the purchase was complete (see previous review) when our own agent went MIA. We decided then that he would be our guy if/when we decided to sell and buy something new. Mark was so helpful in giving us advice about the best time to put our home on the market. He was also patient with us as we went back and forth on deciding what we wanted to do! He’s never high-pressure and always flexible with your needs. He listens and communicates well. Not only is he professional and caring, but he’s just a downright nice guy whose humor was just what we needed in the sometimes stressful process of selling and buying. I walked away from this deal feeling like he’s a friend. I hope we never move again, but if we do he’s the guy I trust! Thanks, Mark!”

-Cheryl V.

“Mark Strüb is the best of the best. I’ve used him to sell a house, buy a house, rent a house, and research the market – and in every single situation he has provided me with excellent service and insightful advice 

He’s the kind of realtor who can excel no matter what the market is like, because he’s: 1. Brilliant and creative 2. Extremely personable and friendly 3. Unbelievably hard-working. 

I’ve recommended Mark to everyone I know, and once they start working with him, I inevitably get a message saying, “Where did you find this guy? He’s amazing!” etc. Every. Time.”

-Nathan H.

“Mark and his team helped us find a buyer for our house within a few days of the listing going live. We’ve sold several other homes in the Austin area over the years and this was the smoothest transaction of all. We would definitely use him again.”

-Don J.

“What everyone else has said about Mark is true- he is AMAZING.
Here’s the short version:
Within hours of listing my house I had a full price offer. Within 48 hours, I had multiple offers to choose from and ended up getting about $13k over asking. Going with any other realtor is simply foolish. Really.
Here’s the long version:
I knew it was time to sell my house. I was pretty much not even living in Austin and had been renting the place out to a friend and I knew it was finally time to let it go. I had another place to live so I wasn’t in a huge rush to get rid of it, I mostly was interested in getting the highest price possible (duh, who isn’t?). I had another realtor tell me that I would be “wasting his time” at a certain price which I didn’t appreciate. Mark, however, was more than willing to list it at the supposed time wasting price. Mark and I knew that I would need to fix some things up in order to get the highest price and I was willing to make that investment but honestly didn’t want to be all that involved. Who wants to spend time making phone calls and scheduling and waiting on workers to show up? Not this girl! No problem there, Mark handled EVERYTHING. He checked with me before he finalized anything to make sure I was cool with the price (which I always was. This man is connected, all the prices to do the work were super reasonable!). I never had to be there for anything though which was a HUGE weight off my shoulders. Mark even put me in touch with a stager he knows to come in and stage the place and let me tell you, it looked amazing. Mark also hires a professional photographer to take pictures for the listing and they were just beautiful. My friends and family could hardly believe it was the same house!
Fast forward to the day it hits the market – the place is freshly painted, the floors are refinished, the staging looks great. All of that work PAID OFF. I had a full price offer from the first person to even walk through the door (take THAT other realtor who told me that price would be a waste of time!). Within a day I had another offer. By working his magic, Mark ended up getting me nearly $13k over the asking price! I can’t even tell you how excited I was.
So, obviously, Mark is an amazing realtor. But, more than that, he’s just a great guy. He’s funny and kind and charming and working with him was just a dream all around. He’s prompt with returning phone calls and texts and emails and I completely trusted him every step of the way. Selling a house is a very mentally and emotionally taxing process and not only does Mark get that but he makes it as painless for the seller as humanly possible. Seriously, this is the man you want selling your home. Seriously.”

-Marybeth B.

“Stewart was very knowledgeable on all aspects for the industry. Very tentative and responsive to my text and emails. I could never had sold my home without him. I would recommend to anyone selling or buyer a home. Thanks Stewart, you Rock!”

-Gordon J.

“If we could give Stewart ten stars instead of five, we would! It was amazing working with him, and he was very conscientious and very knowledgeable about where we were in the selling process and where we needed to get to. The details: We were putting a huge, 30-year-old house in Georgetown up for sale, and honestly, we needed a lot of advice. Property values in the area had gone up and a lot of our neighbors had sold their houses, and done some renovations and etc. We had a very specific budget we wanted to meet, and it was important to us that we not overspend on renovating and not get results. Stewart was there right off to answer all of our questions. He gave us really solid advice on what to work on, and what to skip. He came out to check out our progress and handled everything so that all we needed to worry about was the remodel. When we needed a paint person, a tile person, a cleanup person and all that stuff, we checked out the people Stewart recommended, and they all worked out great. They did the work, at budget and on time and did really high-quality work. After open houses and when other realtors came by, Stewart gave us feedback and helped us really fine tune what we needed to change. Stewart’s knowledge of the market and vast experience made his estimates very accurate, so we spent what we wanted to spend and sold the house for what we wanted to get, and best of all it happened in the timeframe Stewart had given us. That kind of experience is really hard to come by and we’ve had experiences, both residential and commercial over the years, with other realtors and we’ve never had as good an experience as we did with Stewart. It’s been almost a year since then (I’m so late writing this review Stewart, I’m sorry!) but the time is sometimes good for reflection, and honestly, we’re still 110% pleased with how smoothly things went. 10/5 stars!”

-Charles L.

“We bought our house six years ago with Mark Strub, and we were happy to work with him again when we sold it last month. It was a stressful process (it always is), and he’s great at calming nerves and being a source of knowledge and reassurance. You won’t regret working with him and his team!”

-Killian P.

“Strub residential treats everyone as if they are their only customer. Our agent Patrick Sarb came to our first meeting with a preliminary write up on our home and the homes in our area along with information about all the services Strub offers their customers. The work he put in before even meeting with us was impressive. We found out that included with signing with Strub, is a meeting with a stager who will help advise you on how best to showcase your home and when you are finally ready an amazing photographer will provide the photos. Patrick walked us through several comps in the area and showed us what other houses around us look like when they go up for sale. Patrick helped us create a to do list based on what we hoped to accomplish, he helped us shop for a few pieces for staging, and he met with us regularly to talk us through where we were and how best to get where we were going. When we put our house on the market, we had three offers over asking price by the end of the first weekend and that was undoubtedly all due to Patrick’s advice, encouragement, and support. We could not have sold our home without him and we definitely made more money than we would have with a less invested agent. Stub creates a professional portfolio for your home that cannot be beat. I highly recommend this company and Patrick Sarb as an agent.”

-Mary M.

“Wow!! Mark and his team of experts exceeded our high expectations at every turn. He cared for us through the most important decisions of our families life, selling our home and buying our dream house. We could not have done it without him on our side!”

-Bob T.

“Selling a home is a major life disruption. In our case, we wanted to sell quickly due to a last-minute move to Oregon. Mark and his excellent team made the process as smooth as possible, helped to get offers almost as fast as the blink of an eye, and did so with a positive and highly congenial attitude. Glad to have hired Strub Residential!”

-Richard C.

“Mark did a fantastic job of marketing and moving our “unsellable” home. Even in Austin, there are pockets of neighborhoods that simply do not demand a significant interest. We had the house on and off the market for two years with other realtors, and Mark managed to get it contracted and sold within 60 days from his listing date. His professionalism and integrity are unparalleled in this market. I would recommend Mark to anyone seeking to move property at a fair price in a reasonable amount of time. Thanks, Mark!”

-Josh H.

“Stewart Lane and Strub Residential helped us navigate through the challenges of selling our old house and finding a great new one. Thanks to Stewart’s tenacity and due diligence, we avoided thousands of dollars in repairs that we would have been on the hook for. Can’t recommend Stewart highly enough!”

-Trey R.

“I worked with Strüb Residential when I bought my Manor, TX home and again when it was time to sell. Stewart Lane was my realtor in both cases. Let me tell you – don’t let Stewart’s young, good looks fool you – he has real estate knowledge in spades! He knows and understands the market, it’s fluctuations, price evaluations, comps, trends and all points in between. He’s advisory when he needs to be and let’s the client make the ultimate decisions. Stewart was always there to answer questions and if he didn’t know something, he’d research it and get an answer back promptly. No guesswork and no confusion. When it was time to find a rental property, not only was he open to suggestion, but open to property finds outside the MLS. He handled all the legwork of speaking with landlord and/or management companies to ensure the homes I reviewed met my needs; especially since I have large dogs. In the end, I found a place very quickly. 10/10 would work with again.”

-Brent M.

“Mark came highly recommended to us, and we’re glad he was. He emphatically encouraged us after we bought the house to go to him with advice about any house related services while we were there because: A) he knows which services are best since he gets to see who does a good job (and who doesn’t), and B) he wanted us to help sell our house if that time ever came. It did, and we sold it for much more than we bought it, even though when we were buying and selling, he was always exceedingly fair and honest, and he was concerned about being fair to the other party while still being on our time. I never write reviews (although I’ve been tempted to write some bad ones), but Strüb residential is good enough to deserve it.”

-Don G.

“Mark Strub has been our “Uber” agent since June 2012. My wife and I lived in my college condo, 600 sq ft, for approximately 3 years while we saved for a home. We decided to put the condo on the market and had been on the market for 1 year prior to us finding Mark. Well Mark actually found us, he listed and sold the condo right next to mine which was cosmetically equal to ours but we had a brand new AC system, $3,000.00. Once I noticed that Mark had sold that condo I immediately gave him a call. He came by, I removed my listing with my previous realtor, and then he went to work. It took Mark two months to sell our condo! He sold it for the price I wanted and helped ensure the entire process went smoothly. He was great. 

That wonderful experience forced me to call him back once we were ready to purchase a home. Mark is a central Austin expert, he walked us through the search process and eventually the loan/closing of purchasing our new home. He was extremely thorough in helping us find experts to inspect the home prior to move in and make the necessary contractual negotiations to obtain some of these repairs from the seller. The home we purchased was exactly what we were looking for and most importantly in the area we desired. We got the keys to our home yesterday! 

The best thing about Mark is that his service doesn’t stop at the closing. Mark has been instrumental in helping us with renovation ideas and obtaining bids for some projects we wished to complete prior to moving into the house. Right now we already have everything in place to ensure our floors, bathrooms, and some electrical work is done prior to moving into the house. 

All in all a great experience and we would highly recommend.”

-Sergio T.

“I can’t recommend Strüb Residential and our Strüb agent – Stewart Lane – highly enough. Stewart happily and patiently guided us through weeks of simultaneously prepping our old home for sale and searching for the perfect new home, never once pushing us towards a property that wasn’t everything we were looking for. Finding a home that would meet the needs of everyone in our household would be a challenge for any realtor (I’m in a wheelchair; my husband’s a mountain climber; our daughter’s a persnickety 4 year old; my father is a persnickety 67 year old) but Stewart helped us find what is, honestly, our dream home – perfect for us and more beautiful than I’d ever hoped for, and for LESS than we were willing to spend! AND he helped us sell our old home for asking price! Strüb and our Strüb agent, Stewart, made the exquisitely stressful ordeal of selling an old house and buying a new house SO much less horrible than it could have been, and helped us find the home of our dreams! If you’re buying or selling (or both) in Austin, THIS is who you need to be working with!”

-Martha S.

“I would like to state that Mark Strub has been the BEST REALTOR that we have ever encountered. Mark has been patient with our search process. It took us several years of being very picky to choose the exact house of our dreams. Mark always provided exactly what we were looking for and provided his expertise when needed. When we took interest in homes he would go above and beyond and research the area and what other houses were selling for. Mark provided the professionalism and relational approach that we needed. I would and have recommended Mark to anyone that is looking for a realtor. Mark also helped us sell our home. It was one of the most stressful events of my life and he was always confident and reassuring. Mark was able to tell us what we needed to do to in order to prepare our home for being on the market. As a result our house was sold at the HIGHEST value that a home ever sold for in our neighborhood. Mark was great at assessing what to price at and also provided all the pros and cons with each offer that was made. We could not have done this without his valuable skills!”

-Tracie Austin

“Mark Strub listed my condominium and was diligent, professional, and very thorough in his communication with me through the entire process. Mark also worked very close with me to see that it was priced appropriately in order to attract the strongest buyer.”

-Randall H.

“Mark helped us sell our house at a difficult time in our lives and the market in general. He was out in front of the pack using new technologies and market strategies. Our house sold at the highest per square foot rate ever sold in our district. He was easy to work with, conscientious and tenacious. I will buy or sell a house with his help again when the time is right.”

-Lisa M.

“We love Mark and had the best experience with him. We originally purchased a house with him as our agent in 2006 and then this July (2008) decided to sell. We contacted him and he came over that week to discuss the house and pricing.
We were shocked and excited to hear him suggest that we list it for $35K MORE than we thought we could get. He was willing to listen to our concerns and worked with us as a partner through the staging process all the way through negotiations and closing. We sold our house in 34 days! The best part of it though is that we sold it for more than we expected AND in a really short time because it was priced correctly in the market and because we listened to Mark who really knows the central Austin market.
If you’re looking for someone who will give you honest feedback on your house and is enjoyable to work with, Mark would be a great fit!”

-Gabby D.

“Mark is great! We were first time homebuyers, but he made the process fun. The Austin market was crazy, but Mark partnered with us to find the right area. He was patient, never pressured us, and in the end, Mark’s network and knowledge of Austin landed us in our perfect home.
We’re almost a year in and we still keep in touch. Mark’s customer service doesn’t end after closing. He’s our go-to for any and all recommendations.
Mark works with all of our friends and family. He sold my mom’s house in one day!
In short, Mark is the best.”

– Jessica J.

“I worked with Mark for four months back in 2005 searching for my first investment property. I was pretty picky. He never pressured me to buy something that wouldn’t be profitable. We sold it this past summer. Mark priced it just right and gave me excellent advice on what to fix up, and what not to, before listing it. Mark’s knowledge of real estate, and especially the Austin market, make both buying and selling the house painless. I plan to use Mark’s services in future real estate deals.”

-Steve W.

“There are not sufficient stars allowed by Yelp to truly capture how great Mark’s services have been for us. The guy is the best Realtor in Austin, hands down!
Our relationship with Mark began when he helped us sell a condo that another realtor had listed for over 12 months. Mark listed it and sold it within 30 days. Amazing! Mark knows exactly how to stage and list houses. He has connections with Realtors with buyers always looking for investments. Mark’s amazing work was the key to us selling a place that had become stagnate in what is Austin’s seller’s market.
That sale opened up the opportunity for us to move forward with a house purchase, a purchase Mark undertook and navigated for us. His skills in this difficult market was the key to ensuring we had the “jump” on other buyers. We moved quickly, he worked the other realtor, and we had a signed contract within days of seeing the property. Our house has been a magnificent purchase! It gave us a great place, in a great area, and at a great price. Forward two years later, we are actively investing in real estate around Austin. All thanks to Mark! Mark came to us with an investment idea three months ago and now we are under contract on another GREAT property!
Mark has moved way beyond just being our realtor, he truly is a friend and confidant. Whether you are having trouble selling your home, just want to list your place, looking to purchase your forever home, or looking for investment opportunities… Mark is your guy! He will work tirelessly to ensure you are 100%, and more, satisfied with his services.”

-Sergio T.

“Mark and I met on the Internet while I was surfing for investment property to remodel. Over the past two years we have worked together to sell and purchase two houses. Throughout the long arduous process to decide whether to remodel or to sell a home that I had owned for over 10 years, Mark was continually helpful and above all patient. He provided me with extensive information so that I could make an educated decision. He was positive minded and always up-beat. He listened to what I was trying to accomplish and guided me down the road towards a profitable decision. Once the decision was made to either purchase or sell the home, he was efficient and thorough with completing the financial process. I would recommend Mark Strub to anyone, especially my mom.”

-Stuart M.

“Well, we have now sold 1 and bought 2 properties with Mark’s help and could not be more satisfied. You really can not do better then Mark Strub when it comes to Austin real estate. He will get at least 1 more out of us and hopefully more.
Forget the rest. Use the best! Mark Strub.”

-Kelly J.

“Mark exhibits all of the positive attributes that were listed. I picked great results, expert and high integrity because I feel like these best describe the reasons why were so pleased to be able to find our home with Mark and then to sell it for a great profit two years later. He was not only patient during our search process but supportive during our renovations — offering contractors names and advice. 

When we decided to sell our home, I asked him what he thought our list price might be. Without pulling comps or doing research, which he clarified up front, he gave us a conservative but reasonable estimate to consider. When we finally met officially and listed it a few months later, we were able to list and sell the home for above that price and our house had a “fatal flaw”. He was there for us every step of the way — from staging to what we should cosmetically do before we left. 

Not only is Mark a consummate professional but also a really great person – personable, kind and very organized. I recommend him to all my Austin friends!”

-Gabby D.

“After living in Milago for 5 years deciding to sell our condominium wasn’t an easy decision and neither was finding the right realtor to represent it; until my wife and I met Mark. We luckily came across his business card and asked him to meet with us at our home to get an idea of his selling style and feedback about the property. My wife and I couldn’t have been happier after that first meeting-Mark’s approach was personable, detail oriented, well organized and above all else he had exceptional marketing strategies to get the property the exposure it needed to find the right buyer. The offers started rolling in just four days after we listed and Mark made the transaction easy and seamless. He’s very dedicated to his work and his clients and was great about keeping us informed throughout the entire process. 

In addition Mark helped us find our new home which wasn’t an easy task since we had specific needs and a short time frame 
to do so. His flexibility for short notice showings, honest advice and endless patience were paramount, and he provides his clients with essential resources most realtors don’t commonly share. We were fortunate to find and work with Mark Strub and have referred him to our friends in the community as a stellar real estate agent in Austin, TX.”

-Scott B.

“Mark did a great job selling our home. He counseled us well on setting the price substantially higher than another prospective agent we considered would have. We ultimately selected Mark to market our home because he recognized higher value in its unique appeal. 

Mark understood the design aesthetics of our home, and he ensured with high quality professional photography that the house stood out among its competition. We saw unusually high and sustained web traffic because of the visual presentation of our house online, and from the comprehensive approach Mark takes to integrating web and social media in the marketing process. Web traffic translated into foot traffic, and we had the house under contract within 30 days. 

We had to already moved to the East Coast so Mark worked with us remotely. There was a fair amount of complexity in the sale with regard to requested repairs and offsets. Because we were at a distance, Mark had to take a larger than usual role in coordinating and facilitating work. He did so willingly to get the deal done. He was also an effective counselor and educator on the process to us as sellers and to prospective buyers.”

-Stuart W.

“Mark is an amazing asset for selling your home and a great advocate when purchasing. He has great advice and insight and we couldn’t have done it without him. He helped to get our house ready to sell and hired a photographer and designer that I am certain made all the difference. He also did a great job pricing the house; it sold quickly but without leaving any money on the table. He then was a huge help purchasing our new house and has continued to be a resource throughout the building process. It is a great feeling to know we have someone so proactive and knowledgeable in our corner.”

-Andy M.

“Mark assisted me with the sale and purchase of my home and his commitment to his client’s satisfaction and success is unparalleled. He takes the time and effort to go the extra mile and ensure that your personal and financial objectives related to the purchase or sale of a property are met. Mark exceeded my expectations every step of the way.”

– David W.

“My wife and I recently moved from Austin to Oregon. We were anxious to get the house sold as we only had a short time to make the relocation. We found Mark’s website and thought his approach would be successful for us. We were right.
Mark came out soon after our call. We had lots of questions, but he patiently walked us through the process. He has a great team he can call in to help get things progressing. He brought in an interior designer to help us stage the house, and who made several great suggestions on things to change. We followed his directions exactly and the house looked spectacular. Then, Mark brought in a photographer who took amazing pictures of the house, showcasing it’s attributes. He even hooked us up with a lawn-care crew that did the best work I’ve seen (Jesus!), and made the house look like a showcase. After working with us to speed up the process, Mark’s team had the listing online and the pictures posted within a few days.
One week later, the house was under contract. Two days after that, we had a backup. At the time (September 2014), many houses in our area were on the market for an average of 30+ days. We were ecstatic. The process was very easy as Strub is a one-stop shop for all the people you need to get your house in shape to sell. Ashley, who was in the office at the time, was also great at communicating with us quickly by text and email. They provided the best real estate transaction I’ve even been associated with.
Strub Residential is a one-stop real estate sales shop with excellent communication and follow-through.”

-C. R. S.

“Mark is somewhat of family favorite, I must admit, but when my parents hired him to be their listing agent for their final property in Austin, he blew them away with his professionalism, timeliness, patience and overall amazing business acumen and ability to negotiate the best deal on their behalf. The sale went off without a hitch. All parties were extremely pleased and utterly impressed. Considering I am a former Realtor myself, having spent 8 years working in the residential real estate industry, I can tell you honestly who is on the opposing side of Mark Strüb. Although there are some stellar choices out there, you will never find a more honest, good hearted, caring professional to walk you through the real estate process than Mark Strüb. Mark imbues his work with integrity. It’s who he is as a person. He has built a top-notch team that is, simply stated, kick ass…He’s the first realtor to mind when anyone asks me for a recommendation… Strüb Residential is a real estate powerhouse. You’d be crazy to go anywhere else with your home buying or selling needs.”

– Jessica H.

“In a real estate boom town like Austin, it seems like everyone is a “realtor” – a friend of a friend, your yoga teacher, a client’s wife… it’s easy to feel like you have to work with someone because of a personal connection. When it comes down to such a monumental life decision though, you need to choose a true industry professional, and I would highly recommend Mark.
As two full-time working professionals, the last thing that we wanted to do as buyers was run the Austin-rat-race of real estate: having to leave work on a dime to see a newly listed property or get stuck in a multiple offer scenario that pushed our offer beyond our comfort level. Mark found us a pocket listing that met ALL of our criteria in an area with extremely low inventory. We were able to negotiate one-on-one with the seller and come to a fair deal that left everyone feeling gratified.
So now it’s Sunday and we owned two houses. Mark and his team sprung to action. By the following Saturday, we had our house staged by a professional designer, beautiful real estate photos shot and posted to numerous online outlets, and our house officially on the market. On a cold, gloomy day when we expected little to no traffic, we generated four showings and three (!?!) offers, driving our asking price up by an additional $10K and with a closing date that allowed us enough of a window to schedule a stress-free move into our new house.
There are a number of agents that pick up the trade to make some extra money. Mark is not one of those. He lives and breathes real estate and is one of the top ten realtors in our city (#6, to be exact). Our first deal he negotiated during his birthday party. Our second deal he negotiated until 11:00 pm on a Saturday night. He does what it takes to make his clients needs and wants be met, and is truly an advocate for you during the process. We cannot recommend him highly enough.”

– Chris H.

“Mark and Ashley did an amazing job helping me sell a lot in Lakeway! Even though it wasn’t a ton of money, they were attentive, understanding, and did not slow down from start to finish! They really took amazing care of me and my family and I will always be grateful and recommend them to anyone looking to buy or sell in Austin. Their team in phenomenal!”

-Lauren J.

“Mark helped me buy my current home and sell my previous house. Having worked with a variety of realtors, this experience was solid. He was a genuine pleasure to work with. Seeing a listing you want to check out before it is snatched up can make you feel anxious, especially when you are looking to buy with your house on the market. However, Mark proved to be consistently reachable and enthusiastic about promptly seeing my properties of interest, and actively worked to ensure that my other house was sold quickly and for a great price. He provided well informed advice that reassured me about the processes of both transactions, and the results really speak for themselves. My confidence in him meant I was able to enjoy the house hunting process much more and he helped me find the perfect house for my family! My son is still rocking his ‘Too Big For The Crib’ shirt; a funny and nice gesture from a funny and nice guy. Thanks, Mark!”

– Mallory F.

“My wife and I had to move back to Denver from Austin on very short notice for a job and we couldn’t stay in Austin during listing. We contacted Mark because of his top marks on Yelp, and because several people had specifically mentioned his ability to coordinate long-distance home sales.
We could not have made a better choice. Long story short, we moved to Denver no problem, and our Home received a full-price offer the first day on the market. His team was very on-top-of-it in terms of coordinating communication between us and the buyers.
It was nice to have the home selling process be the least stressful part of the whole transition. We strongly recommend Mark and his team – they are just plain good at what they do!”

-Kelly R.

“We agreed to take on Stewart Lane of Strub Residential as our realtor for selling my son’s house on the recommendation of a friend. The house was in good condition, but 16 years old. I didn’t know where to begin modernizing this nice 2-story house, but my daughter and I met with Stewart to look at it together and discuss a work plan and a budget guesstimate, as well as a time goal to work with. I was amazed at the depth of knowledge, experience and good taste he showed. Stewart didn’t hesitate to point out what he saw as needed changes to improve the appeal and saleability of the house, and before we left, we had a plan, a rough cost and a time frame to shoot for, depending on availability of contractors that he recommended. We were to pass on all decisions as they came up, and contribute what we could. Long story short, Stewart and the excellent contractors that he knew and coordinated produced a result that was better than we expected. When it was ready, we had three prospective buyers, two serious, ready to buy the house within a couple of days after it officially went on the market. Closing was right on schedule at the right price. Stewart Lane and the people in the Strub office working behind him are the best.”

– Robert W.

“I met Mark when our sons played baseball together. I knew back then that he was real estate agent. When it came time to sell our house, we called him and were upfront letting him know that we were planning to sell it our self, but I was hoping to trade his wife a facial in exchange for any tips he could give me on improving our home before we put it up for sale. He came over and gave me some amazing strings attached advice and said if you run into trouble later just give me a call. I love that he wasn’t pushy and I felt like he was just being a good friend. Since my sister is a RE broker, my husband is an attorney, and even I had a real estate license once, I would have this house sold within a month. 3 months later and two failed contracts I called Mark with my tail between my legs. By this time, I was in a really bad spot. Our really large and unique home was no longer staged as I moved all of our things to our new place in California. Mark convinced me not to discount to price, pay the $3,000 fee to re stage it, and have a little faith. Within the first week we received three full price offers! We would have lost $13,000 had I not let him represent us because I was discounting way more than I should have been. I was also choosing offers that weren’t viable. Mark knew exactly what offer to choose and the house closed without a hitch in 30 days. My husband and I are still talking about how amazing the process was as soon as we turned it over to him. Thank you so much Mark… for taking such a huge burden off of our family!!”

-Ann W.

“After living in Milago for 5 years deciding to sell our condominium wasn’t an easy decision and neither was finding the right realtor to represent it; until my wife and I met Mark. We luckily came across his business card and asked him to meet with us at our home to get an idea of his selling style and feedback about the property. My wife and I couldn’t have been happier after that first meeting-Mark’s approach was personable, detail oriented, well organized and above all else he had exceptional marketing strategies to get the property the exposure it needed to find the right buyer. The offers started rolling in just four days after we listed and Mark made the transaction easy and seamless. He’s very dedicated to his work and his clients and was great about keeping us informed throughout the entire process. 

In addition Mark helped us find our new home which wasn’t an easy task since we had specific needs and a short time frame 
to do so. His flexibility for short notice showings, honest advice and endless patience were paramount, and he provides his clients with essential resources most realtors don’t commonly share. We were fortunate to find and work with Mark Strub and have referred him to our friends in the community as a stellar real estate agent in Austin, TX.”

-Scott B.

“When we started looking for a house we figured it would end up being just like the first time, difficult. I was the one having to reach out asking about properties that had been listed for a couple days and then work to make our schedule accommodate our current realtor so we could see houses.
Five years later, we decided it was time for an upgrade. We were nervous about all the work it was going to take, but we really wanted to move. I looked around and saw all the great reviews for Mark Strub and his team, I decided to take the chance with them and it was an awesome decision.
Mark came out very quickly and looked over our house since we were looking at buying a new house and then selling our old house once we had moved. He gave us some pointers on what we should update or do to the house to help it sell faster. We got a couple lender recommendations and he answered all our questions.
We knew that buying a house was going to take at least a month since we were doing some financing. So, we started looking for new houses right away, Mark recommended one of his agents that specializes in North Austin. Here is where our journey with Stewart begins. From the get-go Stewart was responsive to any questions or viewings we want to see. He came to our house to look at it and gave us some estimates on what it would potentially sell for when we were ready to put it on the market. He was interested in knowing what we wanted in a house and probably knew what we wanted more than we did! He was knowledgeable in what to look for that may be “issues” with a house later and what would end up being a money sink or a quick fix. He also had that sense of urgency for us to view houses, since most in our price range were going selling very quickly. He obviously knows this business very well.
We found an amazing house that was slated to pick an offer a week from when it was listed. We went and looked at it the day it was listed and loved it. We decided to look at other houses before we put an offer in, since we had a week (famous last words..). A few days later, Stewart called us with a sense of urgency. He had been watching the listing and the wording had changed and didn’t say when they would accept offers. He had called the other agent and found out they were picking an offer that night. So, at 9PM that night, Stewart called us and walked us through the offer we wanted to put in on the house and answered any questions we had and then submitted it. Stewart let us know, that it may be a few days before we hear and that we can continue to look at houses for a backup, if we wanted. However, the sellers made the decision quickly and chose our offer. I also want to point out that the customer had several cash offers, but chose to go with our offer even though we were financing. I highly believe this is due to Stewart and his advice to us when putting the offer in and the letter that he had us write to the sellers (he also wrote one as well).
The lending process was not smooth unfortunately. There were a couple issues that came up. We were trying to close on a Friday (instead of the Monday, which is at 30 days), but due to these issues we were not able to close on Monday. Stewart worked with us and the lenders to get as much resolved as possible (like going to the IRS office to get tax documents that weren’t ordered). The lenders were very apologetic about the situation and I know that Stewart was doing everything he could as well to resolve the situation and was very understanding when I needed to vent about the situation.
Then we moved in and started the process to sell our house. This went extremely smooth. We posted our house, sold it, and had the money in our bank in 11 days. The original buyer was going to finance, but then switched to an all cash offer and Stewart helped explain everything we needed to know and do with such a fast closing.
I believe that a lot of the improvements (we talked with them about) in conjunction with a great market, helped us sell our house that quickly.
I can’t imagine having done either the buy or the sell without Stewart and as long as he is still a realtor, I never will!”

– Jennifer W.

“I would NEVER use anyone for real estate in and around Austin, Texas other than Rosie Ochoa at STRÜB Residential Group. This girl knows the area completely and has skills that are top notch. She's been my REALTOR for more than one property, buying and selling. Each event went without any hiccups because she was on it. She went above and beyond any realtor I've used before. I've bought and sold about 10 - 12 properties. Rosie had the knowledge to answer all my questions and she made sure my experience was stress-free. Highly recommend!”

- Kathy A.

“We worked with Lacey Pair and, occasionally, Mark Strüb. I don't have all the right words to describe how wonderful they were. I do have the words to describe all the obstacles they helped us overcome in order to sell our house. OUR team had "ALL" their ducks in a row and completed all the usual things required to sell our home. The obstacles were an arrogant lender and an inept REALTOR for the buyers. Lacey wore many hats- REALTOR, therapist, investigator… WE were ready to give up, but with Lacey's support and diligence we were able to muddle thru and she got us everything we asked for. STRÜB Residential sold our house and my son's house. We give our highest recommendation and tons of gratitude for all their help. Thank you!”

– Chuck+Jean H.

“Patrick Sarb and the STRÜB team are absolutely incredible to work with! Patrick helped me buy and sell a few years ago and I reached out to him again when it was time for me to buy and sell recently. Patrick truly makes you feel like you're his only client. He's amazingly responsive, fun, and he knows his stuff! We put an offer on only one house and it was accepted, which was such a great experience...especially in this market. My previous home was priced just right and was under contract within days. He's now working to get my boyfriend's house sold, too! Patrick made the whole process so easy for us and it's because he's the BEST!!! Thanks to Patrick for being so wonderful!"

- Jess W.

"Ashley Jamieson has been amazing. She put up with weeks of looking, helped us get our house listed on very short notice, and was incredibly professional and easy to work with. She got us multiple offers after one weekend of listing and is still working with us on our new home. I recommend contacting her for any Austin area real estate needs!"

– Paul W.

"I worked with Eric and he did a phenomenal job coordinating, staging, and ensuring that all items were taken care of, while working on any issues that arose. He was very informative, responsive, calm and easy to work with. It was so much easier having him to lean on as the volume of coordination needed was at times a lot. I am grateful to have had him as my agent."

- Jen G.

"We've done six transactions with Mark Strüb and his team over the past seven or eight years, ranging from our own home to rental houses to a multi-family investment property. Some of these transactions have been more complicated than others, but the STRÜB team has always done an excellent job of navigating the various challenges for both purchases and sales. The most recent transaction was a lot purchase that Ashley Jamieson helped us with. She's fantastic and I can't recommend her highly enough. We're also customers of Strüb's property-management company and we've also been very happy with their service. It's a great organization. If you're looking for a REALTOR or property manager, Mark and team are outstanding."

– David K.

"We enjoyed working with STRÜB and Eric P in particular. Eric had great connections to painters, dry wall repair, cleaning, staging etc that were all great to work with and did high quality work at a fair price for our home sale. Eric regularly checked in with us throughout the sale of our home and had everything 100% organized and was professional, kind, and clearly knew his stuff. We got multiple offers quickly including over asking. Highly recommend!"

- Elizabeth J.

"Working with Jessica Bush was a wonderful experience! She helped me sell my home at the end of 2020 (with the most favorable terms). She is always prepared, knows the market extremely well, and has a great network of resources to help increase your home value. She never hesitated jumping in to navigate some issues that arose from the buyer's side that were ultimately resolved. I would definitely work with her and the STRÜB team again!"

– Monique H.

"I would highly recommend working with Strüb Residential! This was my first home selling experience and it was exactly what I had wished. Jessica Bush made everything easy and quick. They will help with pricing, staging, photography, and marketing to get your home sold!"

- Mason R.

"We interviewed a few different real estate agents and chose to work with Eric Pugatch from STRÜB to sell our Cedar Park home. He was professional, always answered and/or returned calls and emails, and helped us get top dollar for our home. There were unforeseen challenges that came up, as they sometimes do, and he was engaged and on top of things every step of the way. Highly recommend putting Strüb on your short list of brokerages to call whether buying or selling - you will be impressed!"

– Megan S.

"I've had a number of real estate agent over the years, and Eric is second to none. Selling a house is a major project. Eric acted not only as our Real Estate Agent but as our Project Manager as well. He made the process so much easier for us. We can't thank him enough."

- Dan G.

"Eric Pugatch with Strüb Residential is who you need by your side when buying or selling a home in Austin. This process can be stressful and Eric went "all in" with helping me get the home ready to sell, strategically marketed, and helping with the offers and contract process. I felt completely supported and knew that if there were going to be any bumps in the process Eric would successfully navigate us through them. There are lots of realtors in Austin but not many like Eric who works this hard and stays positive throughout the process. When you choose Eric and team Strüb, you will be so glad you did!!"

– Liz B.