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“Mark Strub has been our “Uber” agent since June 2012. My wife and I lived in my college condo, 600 sq ft, for approximately 3 years while we saved for a home. We decided to put the condo on the market and had been on the market for 1 year prior to us finding Mark. Well Mark actually found us, he listed and sold the condo right next to mine which was cosmetically equal to ours but we had a brand new AC system, $3,000.00. Once I noticed that Mark had sold that condo I immediately gave him a call. He came by, I removed my listing with my previous realtor, and then he went to work. It took Mark two months to sell our condo! He sold it for the price I wanted and helped ensure the entire process went smoothly. He was great. 

That wonderful experience forced me to call him back once we were ready to purchase a home. Mark is a central Austin expert, he walked us through the search process and eventually the loan/closing of purchasing our new home. He was extremely thorough in helping us find experts to inspect the home prior to move in and make the necessary contractual negotiations to obtain some of these repairs from the seller. The home we purchased was exactly what we were looking for and most importantly in the area we desired. We got the keys to our home yesterday! 

The best thing about Mark is that his service doesn’t stop at the closing. Mark has been instrumental in helping us with renovation ideas and obtaining bids for some projects we wished to complete prior to moving into the house. Right now we already have everything in place to ensure our floors, bathrooms, and some electrical work is done prior to moving into the house. 

All in all a great experience and we would highly recommend.”

-Sergio T.

“I cannot recommend Eric Pugatch highly enough. I get stressed about big changes, but his knowledge, professionalism, and demeanor made the experience all but stress free. He helped us find the home of our dreams and helped us sell our home all in record time. Eric was quick to respond to any of our questions and went above and beyond throughout the buying and selling process. We are so grateful for his kindness, thoughtfulness, and patience. It has been sixteen years since we last moved, and I’m so glad we found Strüb Residential and Eric to help us make this transition!”

-Ellen K.

“I would like to state that Mark Strub has been the BEST REALTOR that we have ever encountered. Mark has been patient with our search process. It took us several years of being very picky to choose the exact house of our dreams. Mark always provided exactly what we were looking for and provided his expertise when needed. When we took interest in homes he would go above and beyond and research the area and what other houses were selling for. Mark provided the professionalism and relational approach that we needed. I would and have recommended Mark to anyone that is looking for a realtor. Mark also helped us sell our home. It was one of the most stressful events of my life and he was always confident and reassuring. Mark was able to tell us what we needed to do to in order to prepare our home for being on the market. As a result our house was sold at the HIGHEST value that a home ever sold for in our neighborhood. Mark was great at assessing what to price at and also provided all the pros and cons with each offer that was made. We could not have done this without his valuable skills!”

-Tracie A.

“Mark was the seller’s agent when we bought our first home. He was so helpful to us after the contract was written and after the purchase was complete (see previous review) when our own agent went MIA. We decided then that he would be our guy if/when we decided to sell and buy something new. Mark was so helpful in giving us advice about the best time to put our home on the market. He was also patient with us as we went back and forth on deciding what we wanted to do! He’s never high-pressure and always flexible with your needs. He listens and communicates well. Not only is he professional and caring, but he’s just a downright nice guy whose humor was just what we needed in the sometimes stressful process of selling and buying. I walked away from this deal feeling like he’s a friend. I hope we never move again, but if we do he’s the guy I trust! Thanks, Mark!”

-Cheryl V.

“I just returned home from a "THIS IS AUSTIN" Home Hunting Experience courtesy of Mark Strüb and decided that I would once again break my own rule about not posting reviews on Yelp. His generosity with his depth of knowledge of the area helped us get a solid feeling for the great living spaces, as well as culture, food and all that Austin has to offer. My fiancée and I weren't sure that we could make a decision about relocating across the country in such a short amount of time. But after spending a few days with Mark, we are both excited about Austin and can't wait to return. Thank you, Mark!

- Mike M.

“We recently went through the process of relocating from the Bay Area to Austin and what was undoubtedly the best decision we made was working with Mark and his team at strüb residential.
This wasn't our first relo rodeo (we've done an SFNY'CHISF loop in the past 6 years) so I think it's fair to say that we fall into the "unreasonably selective" bucket when it comes to picking out a realtor who can help make the relo process a success. We ultimately ended up with Mark because, after all of our due diligence and research, he had an impeccable reputation, consistently rave reviews and he Jordan (DIREKTØR OF CLIENT CARE) took the time to really listen to what we were looking for so that our limited time in town was incredibly productive.

One thing that sets Mark apart from a lot of the other agents we spoke with is his seemingly limitless knowledge of Austin culture and neighborhoods. For my fellow Bay Area transplants (or would be transplants), Austin is not at all dissimilar to San Francisco in that it has a lot of very distinct neighborhoods, each with its own personality and feel so it can feel overwhelming at first when considering all of the potential options. Mark helped us go from a very broad list of neighborhoods to a targeted search by pairing an exceptionally well-curated list of available homes with his uncanny ability to quickly hone in on which nuances of our unique taste / style were best matched with a given neighborhood - helping us quickly find the perfect fit for us.

The other thing that you will appreciate in working with Mark is his honesty and integrity - as a sales professional, I appreciated his "what you see is what you get" approach and his willingness to have difficult conversations when appropriate (e.g. telling you what may need to, but not want to, hear).

Perhaps what was most valuable to us in our experience is how far Mark and Jordan went above and beyond for us throughout the entire process, from our first phone call to our closing and beyond. At every step of the journey they were accessible and helpful and anticipated our needs. Their enthusiasm for their work is contagious and you could not ask for a more trustworthy, genuine or effective team.

As cliché as it sounds, its true - we started out looking for help finding a house and ended up with both a perfect house and friends that feel like family. If you're looking to make the leap to Austin from The Bay (or from anywhere for that matter) do yourself a favor and work with these guys - it's a slam dunk decision you won't regret!”

- Roger F.

“What else can we say that hasn’t been said before? We are yet again on another house sale and home purchase with Mark and his team. This time our sale was more difficult due to some irresponsible buyers, but Mark never let us lose hope and guided us like a therapist through some initial heartbreak. Mark isn’t our REALTOR; he is our friend.”

“Update 8-15-19 | Mark just helped us finalize the purchase of our new “dream home.” We have been on a 10 year journey with Mark. Four sales and four buys. This last one was intense because we have been eyeing the market for two years now. We saw this house go on sale, as a construction, at 9pm at night. Mark got us first dibs to see it the next day. Marks staff worked on our offer while we all chatted up the realtor and before we even left the house she had the offer on her desk. In this market you need a realtor that’s willing to take that late phone call and have the offer in within minutes of making a buy decision. Mark and his team are those realtors.”

-Sergio T.

“Mark and I met on the Internet while I was surfing for investment property to remodel. Over the past two years we have worked together to sell and purchase two houses. Throughout the long arduous process to decide whether to remodel or to sell a home that I had owned for over 10 years, Mark was continually helpful and above all patient. He provided me with extensive information so that I could make an educated decision. He was positive minded and always up-beat. He listened to what I was trying to accomplish and guided me down the road towards a profitable decision. Once the decision was made to either purchase or sell the home, he was efficient and thorough with completing the financial process. I would recommend Mark Strub to anyone, especially my mom.”

-Stuart M.

“After living in Milago for 5 years deciding to sell our condominium wasn’t an easy decision and neither was finding the right realtor to represent it; until my wife and I met Mark. We luckily came across his business card and asked him to meet with us at our home to get an idea of his selling style and feedback about the property. My wife and I couldn’t have been happier after that first meeting-Mark’s approach was personable, detail oriented, well organized and above all else he had exceptional marketing strategies to get the property the exposure it needed to find the right buyer. The offers started rolling in just four days after we listed and Mark made the transaction easy and seamless. He’s very dedicated to his work and his clients and was great about keeping us informed throughout the entire process. 

In addition Mark helped us find our new home which wasn’t an easy task since we had specific needs and a short time frame 
to do so. His flexibility for short notice showings, honest advice and endless patience were paramount, and he provides his clients with essential resources most realtors don’t commonly share. We were fortunate to find and work with Mark Strub and have referred him to our friends in the community as a stellar real estate agent in Austin, TX.”

-Scott B.

“Mark is extremely knowledgeable and always professional. We moved out of Central Austin and hired Mark to help us sell our home and purchase a home in another area of Austin. Although he is an expert in Central Austin, he is open to researching all surrounding areas. We felt confident Mark provided us with the information we needed to make an educated decision for our family. Great guy and great results!”

-Cynthia S.

“There are not sufficient stars allowed by Yelp to truly capture how great Mark’s services have been for us. The guy is the best Realtor in Austin, hands down!
Our relationship with Mark began when he helped us sell a condo that another realtor had listed for over 12 months. Mark listed it and sold it within 30 days. Amazing! Mark knows exactly how to stage and list houses. He has connections with Realtors with buyers always looking for investments. Mark’s amazing work was the key to us selling a place that had become stagnate in what is Austin’s seller’s market.
That sale opened up the opportunity for us to move forward with a house purchase, a purchase Mark undertook and navigated for us. His skills in this difficult market was the key to ensuring we had the “jump” on other buyers. We moved quickly, he worked the other realtor, and we had a signed contract within days of seeing the property. Our house has been a magnificent purchase! It gave us a great place, in a great area, and at a great price. Forward two years later, we are actively investing in real estate around Austin. All thanks to Mark! Mark came to us with an investment idea three months ago and now we are under contract on another GREAT property!
Mark has moved way beyond just being our realtor, he truly is a friend and confidant. Whether you are having trouble selling your home, just want to list your place, looking to purchase your forever home, or looking for investment opportunities… Mark is your guy! He will work tirelessly to ensure you are 100%, and more, satisfied with his services.”

-Sergio T.

“Well, we have now sold 1 and bought 2 properties with Mark’s help and could not be more satisfied. You really can not do better then Mark Strub when it comes to Austin real estate. He will get at least 1 more out of us and hopefully more.
Forget the rest. Use the best! Mark Strub.”

-Kelly J.

“Mark is an amazing asset for selling your home and a great advocate when purchasing. He has great advice and insight and we couldn’t have done it without him. He helped to get our house ready to sell and hired a photographer and designer that I am certain made all the difference. He also did a great job pricing the house; it sold quickly but without leaving any money on the table. He then was a huge help purchasing our new house and has continued to be a resource throughout the building process. It is a great feeling to know we have someone so proactive and knowledgeable in our corner.”

-Andy M.

“When we started looking for a house we figured it would end up being just like the first time, difficult. I was the one having to reach out asking about properties that had been listed for a couple days and then work to make our schedule accommodate our current realtor so we could see houses.
Five years later, we decided it was time for an upgrade. We were nervous about all the work it was going to take, but we really wanted to move. I looked around and saw all the great reviews for Mark Strub and his team, I decided to take the chance with them and it was an awesome decision.
Mark came out very quickly and looked over our house since we were looking at buying a new house and then selling our old house once we had moved. He gave us some pointers on what we should update or do to the house to help it sell faster. We got a couple lender recommendations and he answered all our questions.
We knew that buying a house was going to take at least a month since we were doing some financing. So, we started looking for new houses right away, Mark recommended one of his agents that specializes in North Austin. Here is where our journey with Stewart begins. From the get-go Stewart was responsive to any questions or viewings we want to see. He came to our house to look at it and gave us some estimates on what it would potentially sell for when we were ready to put it on the market. He was interested in knowing what we wanted in a house and probably knew what we wanted more than we did! He was knowledgeable in what to look for that may be “issues” with a house later and what would end up being a money sink or a quick fix. He also had that sense of urgency for us to view houses, since most in our price range were going selling very quickly. He obviously knows this business very well.
We found an amazing house that was slated to pick an offer a week from when it was listed. We went and looked at it the day it was listed and loved it. We decided to look at other houses before we put an offer in, since we had a week (famous last words..). A few days later, Stewart called us with a sense of urgency. He had been watching the listing and the wording had changed and didn’t say when they would accept offers. He had called the other agent and found out they were picking an offer that night. So, at 9PM that night, Stewart called us and walked us through the offer we wanted to put in on the house and answered any questions we had and then submitted it. Stewart let us know, that it may be a few days before we hear and that we can continue to look at houses for a backup, if we wanted. However, the sellers made the decision quickly and chose our offer. I also want to point out that the customer had several cash offers, but chose to go with our offer even though we were financing. I highly believe this is due to Stewart and his advice to us when putting the offer in and the letter that he had us write to the sellers (he also wrote one as well).
The lending process was not smooth unfortunately. There were a couple issues that came up. We were trying to close on a Friday (instead of the Monday, which is at 30 days), but due to these issues we were not able to close on Monday. Stewart worked with us and the lenders to get as much resolved as possible (like going to the IRS office to get tax documents that weren’t ordered). The lenders were very apologetic about the situation and I know that Stewart was doing everything he could as well to resolve the situation and was very understanding when I needed to vent about the situation.
Then we moved in and started the process to sell our house. This went extremely smooth. We posted our house, sold it, and had the money in our bank in 11 days. The original buyer was going to finance, but then switched to an all cash offer and Stewart helped explain everything we needed to know and do with such a fast closing.
I believe that a lot of the improvements (we talked with them about) in conjunction with a great market, helped us sell our house that quickly.
I can’t imagine having done either the buy or the sell without Stewart and as long as he is still a realtor, I never will!”

– Jennifer W.

“Mark helped me buy my current home and sell my previous house. Having worked with a variety of realtors, this experience was solid. He was a genuine pleasure to work with. Seeing a listing you want to check out before it is snatched up can make you feel anxious, especially when you are looking to buy with your house on the market. However, Mark proved to be consistently reachable and enthusiastic about promptly seeing my properties of interest, and actively worked to ensure that my other house was sold quickly and for a great price. He provided well informed advice that reassured me about the processes of both transactions, and the results really speak for themselves. My confidence in him meant I was able to enjoy the house hunting process much more and he helped me find the perfect house for my family! My son is still rocking his ‘Too Big For The Crib’ shirt; a funny and nice gesture from a funny and nice guy. Thanks, Mark!”

– Mallory F.

“In a real estate boom town like Austin, it seems like everyone is a “realtor” – a friend of a friend, your yoga teacher, a client’s wife… it’s easy to feel like you have to work with someone because of a personal connection. When it comes down to such a monumental life decision though, you need to choose a true industry professional, and I would highly recommend Mark.
As two full-time working professionals, the last thing that we wanted to do as buyers was run the Austin-rat-race of real estate: having to leave work on a dime to see a newly listed property or get stuck in a multiple offer scenario that pushed our offer beyond our comfort level. Mark found us a pocket listing that met ALL of our criteria in an area with extremely low inventory. We were able to negotiate one-on-one with the seller and come to a fair deal that left everyone feeling gratified.
So now it’s Sunday and we owned two houses. Mark and his team sprung to action. By the following Saturday, we had our house staged by a professional designer, beautiful real estate photos shot and posted to numerous online outlets, and our house officially on the market. On a cold, gloomy day when we expected little to no traffic, we generated four showings and three (!?!) offers, driving our asking price up by an additional $10K and with a closing date that allowed us enough of a window to schedule a stress-free move into our new house.
There are a number of agents that pick up the trade to make some extra money. Mark is not one of those. He lives and breathes real estate and is one of the top ten realtors in our city (#6, to be exact). Our first deal he negotiated during his birthday party. Our second deal he negotiated until 11:00 pm on a Saturday night. He does what it takes to make his clients needs and wants be met, and is truly an advocate for you during the process. We cannot recommend him highly enough.”

-Chris H.

“Mark came highly recommended to us, and we’re glad he was. He emphatically encouraged us after we bought the house to go to him with advice about any house related services while we were there because: A) he knows which services are best since he gets to see who does a good job (and who doesn’t), and B) he wanted us to help sell our house if that time ever came. It did, and we sold it for much more than we bought it, even though when we were buying and selling, he was always exceedingly fair and honest, and he was concerned about being fair to the other party while still being on our time. I never write reviews (although I’ve been tempted to write some bad ones), but Strüb residential is good enough to deserve it.”

– Donald G.

“Mark and the entire Strüb team were amazing to work with from start to finish, and it has been a long journey for us, buying a new home and selling our previous one. We started working with Mark as our buyer agent, he was referred to us by our mortgage broker Atif Ahmad of Adelo Mortgage, who I also highly recommend btw. My wife and I are very particular and Mark was extremely patient with us. Mark understands what a big deal finding a new home is for a family.

We probably looked at 30 properties before we found one that we wanted to buy. This first house we made an offer on was accepted, but we decided to back out during the option period. After looking for another month or so we found what we thought was a great house, maybe the perfect house, for our family. With Mark’s help we made an offer that was also accepted. This time we found major foundation problems during a second structural inspection. We were very disappointed and sadly we had to back out of another contract. Mark did not ever act disappointed even though we knew he had put tons of work into this deal.

By this time, it had been several months, and my wife and I decided to take a break. Mark was always positive that we would find something else even better, and he never made us feel rushed (unless there was good reason to hurry, then he’d let us know!) He was very understanding of our disappointment and desire to press pause. He said he would be available at a moment’s notice if we wanted to look at a property and all of the Strüb online tools helped us keep track of new listings and possibilities during our “hiatus.”

It was on our third try several months later that Mark once again helped us craft an offer that would be accepted. 3 for 3 in this very competitive central Austin market. I doubt there are many realtors that can pull that off. You want Strüb on your side when you find the house that you want. We successfully closed on our new home and when it came time to move in, we had unexpected issues with the condition of the home. When the sellers became difficult Mark handled the situation expertly and diplomatically. Even though it was technically a “done deal” Mark worked with us to make sure all issues were resolved.

When it came time to sell our house, we of course enlisted Mark and his team. We had never sold a home before and we were somewhat nervous and anxious to get the place sold. Mark was once again both uber-professional and easy to work with. On a street where several properties hit the market at the same time earlier this summer, ours sold first. We had a solid offer within two weeks. Negotiations once again were skilled and fair. This transaction went more quickly and smoothly than I ever expected it to.

Everyone at Strüb was great at every step of the process. Especially Kristina who helped with the logistics of repairing and staging the house to be sold. If Mark wasn’t available (it wasn’t often) there was always a courteous professional to step in. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m difficult to impress and rarely feel compelled to write reviews, but Mark and his team are the real deal and I would 100% recommend them if you are buying or selling a home in the Austin area. ”

-Tyler L.

“We have had the pleasure of working with Mark Strüb with Strüb Residential twice now, and cannot express strongly enough how skilled, professional, and overall fantastic he and his team are to work with. When we first came to Austin on a scouting trip with no idea where we wanted to live, Mark was immediately able to narrow down ideal neighborhoods to show us based on our lifestyle and work commute. He has an incredible knowledge of the city and 4 years later, we still couldn’t be more thrilled with the community he helped us choose. He made the process of buying our first home so seamless and smooth and not intimidating. His whole team is there for you each step of the way and we were so pleased with how they helped us negotiate with challenging sellers. Four years later, when we stumbled upon our dream home and quickly decided to put our beloved first home on the market, Mark was of course the first person we contacted. He knew how much we had fallen in love with this new house and he skillfully helped us fine-tune our offer and made sure ours got chosen in a multiple offer situation, for which we couldn’t be more grateful. Despite it being a quick decision to sell our house, Mark made us feel so confident in our ability to get it ready to sell and in his marketing strategy. He has so many connections, from stagers to photographers to repairmen-he really helped us each and every step of the way. Ultimately, our house ended up selling the first weekend, with multiple offers, above list price. What more could you ask for?! You are truly in the best hands when you choose Mark and Strüb Residential. His company is a well-oiled machine, with so many people who are so talented in their roles and who coordinate so effortlessly and seamlessly. Although moving is supposedly one of the biggest stresses in life, honestly buying and selling with Mark’s team is the least stressful part of the whole thing. Mark feels more like a friend than a realtor, and we’ve had complete confidence and trust in him. He is always quick to reply, and though he has so many clients, you never ever feel like you’re not the most important to him. We are so grateful to Mark and his team for helping to make Austin home for our family and can’t recommend him highly enough!”

– Phil M.

"Patrick Sarb and the STRÜB team are absolutely incredible to work with! Patrick helped me buy and sell a few years ago and I reached out to him again when it was time for me to buy and sell recently. Patrick truly makes you feel like you're his only client. He's amazingly responsive, fun, and he knows his stuff! We put an offer on only one house and it was accepted, which was such a great experience...especially in this market. My previous home was priced just right and was under contract within days. He's now working to get my boyfriend's house sold, too! Patrick made the whole process so easy for us and it's because he's the BEST!!! Thanks to Patrick for being so wonderful!"

-Jess W.

"Ashley Jamieson has been amazing. She put up with weeks of looking, helped us get our house listed on very short notice, and was incredibly professional and easy to work with. She got us multiple offers after one weekend of listing and is still working with us on our new home. I recommend contacting her for any Austin area real estate needs!"

– Paul W.