“I have worked with Mark through many deals. But the ones that stand out to me are the investments Mark advised me NOT to buy. In a world of realtors where it’s common to get bad advice, where commission is put in front of clients’ best interests, it’s incredible to work with someone whose integrity has always come first. I don’t issue praise out easily, and I would never givea public endorsement unless I was sure it was fact. If you’re looking for any real estate in or near Austin, you’ve done yourself a disservice if you haven’t spoken to Mark and his team.”

-Neeshu H.

“Mark Strub has been my Texas “REALTOR of Choice” since deciding to enter into real estate in Austin and the surrounding areas. With so many REALTORS to select from, Mark stood out with his local knowledge of the market and most of all, his true dedication to the industry in which he serves. As an out of state investor, it was of paramount importance I find a professional whom I could trust and certainly found that in Mark. He is easy to work with, trustworthy and an advocate for his clients.
Thanks, Mark!”

-Linda K.

“Mark made the possibility of purchasing a house a reality. I am an out-of-state real estate investor and had many concerns about the whole process. Mark went way beyond my expectations with his duties to make sure I was well informed and confident about my purchase. He was able to fill in many times when I was not able to be present. If it wasn’t for his assistance and knowledge, I would not have felt comfortable enough to invest out of state. As an investor in real estate I am interested in finding the perfect location in the perfect market. Austin, TX was on my list, but that was the extent of my knowledge. Mark knew the layout of the area and which neighborhood was due for the best appreciation. This is knowledge that comes from experience and research. His advice has been a big success.”

-David D.

“When we looked into Austin real-estate, we had very specific needs — but limited exposure to all the intricacies of Austin neighborhoods. We live in Houston but wanted to establish a weekend home in the capital city. Mark and his team had the exact information we needed – and were able to quickly understand our goals and give us the insight we needed.
Mark quickly became a partner in our search – with keen intuition as to what worked for our lifestyle and what we should exclude. He never wasted our time (or his). His insight is unique; his style is personal. He is a pro – in every sense of the word – and his candor in working with us made all the difference.”

-Ed L.

“Attentive and Thorough. I was very pleased and completely impressed with Mark’s knowledge of the current housing market and the greater Austin area. He listened to my needs and was very thorough with the properties he brought to my attention. It was a long process and he never gave up the search. Always responsive to my phone calls and inquiries, meeting any day of the week, he gave me the feeling my search would be successful‎.
Mark did an awesome job for us. We had limited time to find a home in Austin and Mark went above and beyond to find us exactly what we were looking for. In less than a week he showed us many homes throughout Austin and honed in quickly on the areas and homes that we really liked. He spent time after hours (and before hours) to accommodate our limited timeline. We have now lived in our home for a year and couldn’t be happier with it. Mark approached our search with professionalism, a ton of knowledge of the city and with impressive efficiency. After our purchase Mark has been a great resource for any questions we have had and has done a great job following up with us to be sure we are happy with our new home. Also, Mark has been very helpful in helping us locate possible investment opportunities in the form of rental properties. Our experience with Mark was fantastic and we would highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell homes or properties in Austin.”


“I have been buying and selling homes for over 40 years- some to live in and some as investments. Mark is the first REALTOR in all those years with the combination of experience, integrity and, most important, intuition to understand my needs. He has the ability to sort through available properties or clients as to not waste time on mismatched and fruitless offers. Mark has been my REALTOR for years. In those years he has assisted me with sales and purchases of our family home and investment property. He is, bar none, the BEST. Forever Grateful.”

-Larry Bucher

“I worked with Mark for four months back in 2005 searching for my first investment property. I was pretty picky. He never pressured me to buy something that wouldn’t be profitable. We sold it this past summer. Mark priced it just right and gave me excellent advice on what to fix up, and what not to, before listing it. Mark’s knowledge of real estate, and especially the Austin market, make both buying and selling the house painless. I plan to use Mark’s services in future real estate deals.”

-Steve W.

“So glad we found Mark. This is not the first home I’ve bought, by a long shot, as I am over 50, and have worked with realtors at home in Arizona in the past, several times, with both good and bad experiences. We were looking for a small home for my daughter as she is attending graduate school at UT. I looked at many internet sites for an Austin realtor, made phone calls, and sent email. Mark was immediately responsive and was very knowledgeable about the Austin market, understanding exactly what we wanted, which was convenience to the university, safety, value, convenience to shopping and services, and an ability for the property to appreciate in value. He sent us frequent updates by email of available properties, and responded immediately to questions about neighborhoods and property values. We visited Austin for a long weekend, saw many properties, most of which would have worked for us, and left Austin having put in an offer, with some second and third choices. We ended up with our first choice home, in which my daughter is now happily living. Mark was a very responsive realtor, answering inquiries immediately and adapting himself to our changing perceptions of what we wanted in Austin, a city we had never even visited. He assisted us in every aspect of the purchase of this home, from initial familiarization with the city of Austin and the market, to the search for a specific home, to the actual negotiations and closing (with very difficult, elderly, out of country sellers), to locating workmen for remodeling, and information on where best to purchase furnishings and Austin services. His high energy, considerate, and intelligent approach made this experience uniformly positive. He is definitely one of the best realtors I have encountered.”

-Michael L.

Jessica Bush from Strüb Residential was our realtor when we decided to buy a property in Austin, and thanks to her thoughtful expertise and guidance - after a few tries - we were able to buy exactly the kind of house we were looking for. Since we were out of state, she was a tremendous help in navigating the ins and outs of the extremely hot Austin market. Beyond providing a general overview of the market, she also helped us decide what area to focus on by providing information on renter profiles, previous comps, expected return on investment, etc. She was very responsive and answered our endless questions. She took videos of the potential houses we were interested in and worked hard to get as much information as she possibly could to advise us on how we should structure our bids. Thanks to Jessica we have a great house that fits our needs, she recommended a lender we ended up working with, a property manager we are about to sign a contract with, and she also connected us with the sellers who are renting the property back from us. We would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to buy in the highly competitive Austin market. Thank you, Jessica!!

-Csaba H.

“Mark Strüb is the best of the best. I’ve used him to sell a house, buy a house, rent a house, and research the market – and in every single situation he has provided me with excellent service and insightful advice 

He’s the kind of realtor who can excel no matter what the market is like, because he’s: 1. Brilliant and creative 2. Extremely personable and friendly 3. Unbelievably hard-working. 

I’ve recommended Mark to everyone I know, and once they start working with him, I inevitably get a message saying, “Where did you find this guy? He’s amazing!” etc. Every. Time.”

-Nathan H.

“I want to start by saying that if you’re not working with Strüb Residential, you’ve made your first mistake in real estate. Mark and his entire team at Strüb Residential are incredible. I’ve bought multiple properties with them and you can always trust that they are giving you sound advice, from personal purchases to investments. I highly recommend them to anyone looking at real estate in the Austin area”

-Neeshu H.

“There are not sufficient stars allowed by Yelp to truly capture how great Mark’s services have been for us. The guy is the best Realtor in Austin, hands down!
Our relationship with Mark began when he helped us sell a condo that another realtor had listed for over 12 months. Mark listed it and sold it within 30 days. Amazing! Mark knows exactly how to stage and list houses. He has connections with Realtors with buyers always looking for investments. Mark’s amazing work was the key to us selling a place that had become stagnate in what is Austin’s seller’s market.
That sale opened up the opportunity for us to move forward with a house purchase, a purchase Mark undertook and navigated for us. His skills in this difficult market was the key to ensuring we had the “jump” on other buyers. We moved quickly, he worked the other realtor, and we had a signed contract within days of seeing the property. Our house has been a magnificent purchase! It gave us a great place, in a great area, and at a great price. Forward two years later, we are actively investing in real estate around Austin. All thanks to Mark! Mark came to us with an investment idea three months ago and now we are under contract on another GREAT property!
Mark has moved way beyond just being our realtor, he truly is a friend and confidant. Whether you are having trouble selling your home, just want to list your place, looking to purchase your forever home, or looking for investment opportunities… Mark is your guy! He will work tirelessly to ensure you are 100%, and more, satisfied with his services.”

-Sergio T.

“Over the past two years Strüb Residential has help my husband and me find our home and our first investment property. We first dealt with Mark. We moved to Austin from Iowa and not only did Mark find us our eventual home, but he also took the time to look at apartments and helped us find temporary housing while we were house hunting. Mark is unassuming and laid back, but really gets people and helps them find THE ONE. Mark really made the process painless and demonstrated an immense amount of patience , knowledge of Austin and the different neighborhoods and ability to be upfront while dealing with two newbies who were nervous and distrustful of the whole process. He never made us feel ridiculous or stupid, even with our numerous questions and requests. My husband is somewhat of a demanding type, and Mark handled him with ease. When we decided to enter the investment property arena we of course knew we would use Strub Residential again. Christy worked us and at first we were nervous because a) we had already built a working relationship with Mark and b) we knew she was newly minted realtor. She proved our fears unfounded, helping us to find the perfect rental property and going above and beyond to set up inspections, meet with inspectors and get the property on listed for rent before we even closed. Christy is detailed, eager and really seems to enjoy what she does. Both Mark and Christy have the ability to make a business relationship feel like you’re working with friends. They also really get that the key to a successful business is service and that service doesn’t end when you sign on the dotted line. We plan on purchasing many more properties with Strüb Residential.”

-Ananda C.

"We've done six transactions with Mark Strüb and his team over the past seven or eight years, ranging from our own home to rental houses to a multi-family investment property. Some of these transactions have been more complicated than others, but the STRÜB team has always done an excellent job of navigating the various challenges for both purchases and sales. The most recent transaction was a lot purchase that Ashley Jamieson helped us with. She's fantastic and I can't recommend her highly enough. We're also customers of Strüb's property-management company and we've also been very happy with their service. It's a great organization. If you're looking for a REALTOR or property manager, Mark and team are outstanding."

-David K.

“This is the fourth transaction I've done with STRÜB. Each time was fantastic, these guys are fire. My needs are not typical, I'm a cash buyer who knows what I'm doing. The size of my deals were between $600k and $1m. If you're like me and just need an agent to make things happen and happen fast -- ask for Patrick. He knows how to approach investment-minded people like me; his work is top-notch. Between these four deals, he must've dealt with hundreds of sheets of documents, all of which were perfectly free of errors. Arrogance is unfortunately one of my vices, I regret causing a few hiccups; but he thankfully has the social skills to bridge gaps and make things happen. Just like I said in my last review, his expertise is so good that he always seems to be two steps ahead of me, my questions are answered before I ever ask them, any problems that could happen are already anticipated and accounted for, and above all this -- he manages to do it effortlessly. I've never seen or detected a single hint of dread in him, regardless of how demanding the circumstances are. So. Yeah, if you're looking for someone aggressive who gets results, ask specifically for Patrick. I refuse to deal in Texas with anyone else.”

-Adrian V.

"I've had the pleasure of working with Jessica and Stewart at Strüb Residential on more than one occasion and have continued to be impressed! Their team is full of professionals who are native to the area and have a clear understanding of the local real estate market. Using the enormous amount of expertise they have spread across their team, Strüb Residential will guide you through your real estate endeavors while prioritizing your goals and pursuing outcomes that favor you as a client. They also have a deep-seated network of high-quality professional contacts for all of your real estate needs (home inspections, general contractors, etc). They work as one team and one family, and it shows.

Beyond doing a superb job with several home tours and successfully reaching multiple accepted offers, Jessica's professional communication and persistence paid dividends during the home stretch with closing and addressing some final critical items. She is detail-oriented and will take the time to understand your needs before putting in the work for you in what is a truly competitive market.

Stewart's down-to-earth and laid-back persona is a great compliment to the exceptionally high level of expertise and knowledge he brings to the table. He has a great deal of exposure and experience in the various forms of real estate in the area and is a solid 'go-to' candidate on frankly anything real estate-related.

Team Strub for the win!"

-Larry M.

"We're very fortunate to have found Jessica Bush from Strüb Residential.  She helped us find a perfect investment property to meet our investment goals.  She has a wide range of network to ensure our transaction went as smoothly as possible, from getting a loan officer to start the process to a property manager after we closed the transaction.  She was very responsive, honest, knowledgeable, and not pushy.  Thank you, Jessica!!"

-Kaitlin N.

"What a great team Mark has built! We were looking in Austin for investment property during a short visit. Jessica B has the best knowledge of the local market, along with the most engaging personality. She has a great work ethic, responsive around the clock. The market was red hot, but with Jessica's tenacity to pursue every opportunity and hustle, we were able to get the desired deal we wanted. Jessica followed through on all the details of the closing process. Afterward, Mark and Jessica leased the property for us in a very short timeframe with a great tenant. Thank you, Mark and Jessica, and we were lucky to have contacted you guys in the first place. This is the Go-To team in Austin."

- Chris C.

"Jessica Bush from STRÜB was and is a fantastic find for us. She gets the game of the hustle and works fast and effectively to help solve our needs and wants.  We couldn't be happier! If you need someone to find your "needle in a haystack" and build a relationship with you in the process, she's the one!"

-Rick H.