“Mark represented a buyer when I sold my house FSBO. He was competent, fair, respectful, and did a great job for his client. He stood out among the floods of bad realtors that a FSBO tends to attract. Since then I have consulted with Mark several times on real estate questions and he has always courteously and promptly responded every time. I have recommended him to several people and they have always been satisfied with his services and professionalism.”

-Ross Henderson

“I met Mark when our sons played baseball together. I knew back then that he was real estate agent. When it came time to sell our house, we called him and were upfront letting him know that we were planning to sell it our self, but I was hoping to trade his wife a facial in exchange for any tips he could give me on improving our home before we put it up for sale. He came over and gave me some amazing ..no strings attached advice and said if you run into trouble later just give me a call. I love that he wasn’t pushy and I felt like he was just being a good friend. Since my sister is a RE broker, my husband is an attorney, and even I had a real estate license once, I would have this house sold within a month. 3 months later and two failed contracts I called Mark with my tail between my legs. By this time, I was in a really bad spot. Our really large and unique home was no longer staged as I moved all of our things to our new place in California. Mark convinced me not to discount to price, pay the $3,000 fee to re stage it, and have a little faith. Within the first week we received three full price offers! We would have lost $13,000 had I not let him represent us because I was discounting way more than I should have been. I was also choosing offers that weren’t viable. Mark knew exactly what offer to choose and the house closed without a hitch in 30 days. My husband and I are still talking about how amazing the process was as soon as we turned it over to him. Thank you so much Mark… for taking such a huge burden off of our family!!”

-Ann W.